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and individuals about alcohol, drug use, sex, vandalism and public urination. so far, though, they have largely accepted the encampment on the lawn. there are about 100 tents here and there have been for over a week. city officials have been getting more and more complaints so they are trying to decide what to do next. >> i believe it's an excuse for the city of oakland to justify coming in here and breaking up our political protest. >> this is a plaza that has a long history of being used for people to express their concerns about various issues and we really facilitate that to the best of our ability. >> reporter: this movement is representing a litany of social complaints that we have been hearing about for the past couple of weeks. the "occupy wall street" movement is where this started. anger against banks and wall street in general, and it has expanded into several social issues here in oakland. some of the protestors actually moved to a second encampment that you guys referred to, that one in snow park by lake merritt. we have drove past there this morning. there's about a half dozen ten
this morning, we have a surface push inland which is keeping us cool even bringing clouds inland. we are seeing low clouds in some areas. you can see that over san jose here from the satellite perspective and we have a little bit of valley fog in the napa valley. overall sunshine after getting through these chilly temperatures. 45 san rafael, 46 napa, milder further inland 62 fairfield, 45 livermore, 53 san jose, 53 in mountain view. now, later today, we are warming temperatures up nice and mild seasonal for this time of year. plenty of sunshine once we see the sun come up. i think most of the clouds any kind of low fog we're seeing right now will likely mix out. 76 today in fairfield, 55 in pacifica, 72 redwood city and 74 in san jose. and if you like this, i think you're going to like the rest of the week. high pressure in place, not a lot of change. temperatures topping out into the mid- to upper 70s inland through the weekend. and look forward to your halloween forecast, similar conditions for you there, as well. we'll see a few more clouds rolling in but mild temperatures. >> that's what y
the deadly rampage after a cupertino quarry. >> kiet do shows us that video and what coworkers say allman shouted as he opened fire. >>> reporter: a surveillance camera captures shareef allman clutching the strap of an assault rifle and walking calmly through a gas station just a short time after police say he had gunned down 10 people. those who saw it happen and those who knew him well say the motive came from racial tension and grudges at work. >> he was going to do some damage, basically, that if he was going to go out and he was going to kill some people, if that was going to happen to him and his family. >> reporter: a long-time friend says allman came to her home in sacramento last weekend, talked about retaliating against coworkers and showed off an ak- 47 to her son brandon. >> and he was like, yeah, he was like, the people on my job they keep messing with me and stuff but he said but you know how that is. you know, i'm a black gorilla. you can only contain a gorilla so long. >> reporter: a he could work he was in the room when he says allman pulled a gun and started screaming. >
to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. nice to have the team back together. everyone feeling good? >> feeling great. good to see you guys. [ laughter ] >> forget it. i'm over it. two seconds in. [ laughter ] >> it's good to be back. got some great weather again today. we have the offshore wind blowing, red flag warnings come down at 6 a.m. but the temperatures are chilly. north bay into the 30s in the napa valley. also into the santa rosa area. skies clear all the way to the coastline. and it's going to stay that way today. looks like another nice day ahead. more on that in a moment. first let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> lower deck roadwork on the bay bridge towards oakland. there may be reroutes possible for muni near justin herman plaza. "occupy sf" once again may be detouring things around for muni. so we'll have much more on that plus the rest of the roads coming up later this morning. >> thank you. >>> we begin at 4:31 with "occupy" protestors from both side of the bay uniting right now. >> this as san francisco police are staging around the "occupy sf"
us why its so important to get here and the first in line? >> because this is such a highlight event in history that i can't sleep anyway, might as well be here. i have come to a lot of the iphone launches early. to me, i don't know, something rings to me, strikes me deep inside. something very, very important is happening! and close to your home. and you can be there for it. you know, it's like a space shuttle launch or some important event and you get a chance to be there so i just rode my segway down at noon and asked, where's the line? there isn't one. oh, good, i'm first. >> reporter: so why this store, by the way? >> i live here in los gatos, very nearby. i come to the store when i want products or have problems and they're very nice to me. normally i go to the big mall in san jose but i had a choice. i could drive to the mall or ride my nice beautiful segway through the area and right from home to here. >> reporter: a couple of questions. you know, some people have asked, you know, with steve jobs passing he was a dear friend of you did that have any influence on you being h
for a security guard suspected in the late night workplace shooting. anne makovec joins us now from richmond to explain exactly what happened. anne, good morning. >> reporter: a wild scene here at a public housing complex in richmond. police say there were about 50 shots fired last night between three different security guards. they are saying it was basically a shootout and now one suspect is on the loose. let me show you the scene where police are still gathering evidence right now. it was in that office that you see back there, security guard office, where things went down at around 10:30 last night. police say dorian long works as a security guard here at the crescent park apartments in richmond. they say last night he came to work, left for a short time and came back with at least one gun and then fired into that building at his supervisor. that man was hit but is expected to live. and that man then fired several shots back. two others saw him and they shot him. police say they don't know why long initially opened fire on his supervisor. >> from what we understand, mr. long was in a --
bridge right now between emeryville and jack london square in oakland. you can use amtrak but expect delays because that bus bridge is likely going to be out there for a while. the first eastbound train 518 was scheduled to leave from jack london square. so those folks are going to hop on one of those buses and then head out to the emeryville station and then you can continue eastbound towards sacramento. but the next scheduled train is at 5:40. this will likely have a ripple effect for all the capitol corridor line for some time at least for the morning commute. so we'll be following this for a while. check in more with traffic in a little bit. in the meantime, back to you. >>> in other news, a one-month- old girl is home safe after being abducted at gunpoint in west oakland's. one shot was fired during last night's kidnapping. this was at an apartment on linden street. no one was hurt. about an hour later the girl was returned unharmed. the "oakland tribune" reports that police believe the girl as father was the kidnapper. but so far, no arrests. >>> assistant police chief howard j
and occupy protesters will hold a hearing urging lee not to use force on the protesters. >> i think the dialogue on it, we of course have to draw the line. as to where they could be at. and we will -- hopefully they will respect our position as well and keep the dialogue going. >> now, the biggest problem at the protest in san francisco is the overwhelming sten thatch is only getting worse. the cause of the problem portable toilets overflowing and unusable. >> let's solve the problem. and get on with the rest of the job that we all have to do on a daily basis. no one wants to wall low in you know what. >> private donations provided the toilets for the protesters after san francisco health officials warned that human waste was an imminent public health hazard. >>> 4:34. a surfer bitten by a shark off the monterey county coast could get out of a san jose hospital as soon as today. great white took 19 inches out of him but only millimeters from the jugular vein. linda ye spoke with those who say the surfer is the unluckiest unlucky guy he has ever met. >> his doctor says eric tear tino
police raided the plaza and used tear gas multiple times in addition to using rubber bullets. she also laid down the law for what she expects from protestors who stay in the plaza. quan made a statement, a written statement, that included these four points. these requests. the first is she said, we need to have direct communication between city staff and "occupy oakland" representatives. second, we need to maintain health and safety conditions wherever you gather. third, we need to you allow our safety employees to have access when there is an emergency. and then fourth, we are asking that you not camp overnight. >> oakland is known for being a progressive city. uhm....... i'm really saddened by, uhm, what people think we are. we are clearly a city that has a lot of homeless and unemployed people, one of the highest rates of foreclosure in california. >> obviously, at this point her fourth request isn't being met. we do see campers out here back in the plaza this morning. it remains to be seen if they will comply with the other three requests. quan didn't want to say much beyond what s
. >>> good morning, it is tuesday, october 4. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 4:30 on this tuesday. you know, a little bit wet out there. it's been a little bit of a storm. >> yeah. we had one kind of come in and now another one. let's throw it over to our meteorologist, lawrence karnow, with our first big fall storm, i guess, right? >> yeah. we got one brewing out there right now. yesterday's is winding down. showers moving out but we have another one that's just setting up in the pacific and indeed, we are expecting some good rain from this one as it moves in later on. you can see the storm system slide by today and move eastward really falling apart. so we're left with a lot of moisture in our atmosphere, a lot of clouds and likely to see some air travel delays because of the cloud cover. some of that dense fog showing up around the bay area, as well. but behind that doesn't look all that bad. temperatures right now running mainly into the 50s outside and again looks like those clouds will continue throughout the morning hours but now we're getting r
. joining us with a little insight is molly wood, editor with cnet. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> what are your first impressions? it was a ceo of a country but we lost someone special. >> reporter: absolutely. personally, it's extremely sad news. it's -- it's -- it's really heartbreaking i think in so many ways because he was so young and because his -- his genius was so pronounced and apple is so much a part of the cultural landscape and really the world. >> and molly, we were talking about, you know, the unveiling of the iphone 4s. it was done in cupertino, tim cook, seymour mellow. they had to have known this was coming. >> reporter: right. there's been a lot of speculation about that after -- now that this news has come out. we were really wondering if indeed the mood of that announcement was not very much affected by how sick steve jobs must have been at the moment that they were presenting that new phone. >> when you think about it, he taught us how to watch movies, how to get our movies, how to listen to music, i mean, if you walk down the street in san francisco or a
's massive earthquake. >> today four people were rescued from the rubble after one man called for help using his cell phone the 7.2 quake hit the eastern part of the country. more than 200 people are dead. susan mcginnis has an update on the rescue effort. >>> reporter: rescue crews pulled this man out alive from a collapsed building in eastern turkey this morning after desperately looking for any sign of life. a 7.2 quake shook the remote reasonable sunday flattening buildings and sending panicked residents into streets. [ screaming ] >> reporter: hundreds are confirmed dead, but with an unknown number of people still trapped beneath the rubble, officials fear the death toll could reach 1,000. this man says the situation is bad. many friends still strapped under rubble, haven't heard from any of them. one victim pinned under piles of concrete was this young boy. emergency crews worked through the night trying to free him. shortly after the quake, president obama released a statement pledging u.s. assistance while turkey's prime minister says he is grateful for the offer, so far he has turne
to come up with and solid around clear demands. but it makes us think about what are the solutions? >> reporter: now, this movement has certainly spread to the east bay, as well. berkeley set up a camp on saturday night, and then this afternoon 4:00, in oakland it's expected that another group will set up an occupation camp so the movement still going strong despite these protests. it will be interesting to see what happens at 7:00 once this march begins. back to you. >>> it's not just here in the bay area. occupy protests have spread to a dozen cities across the country. one group is camped out near the white house in washington and promising to stay even when the permit expires today. >> we have to be prepared to vacate or be arrested. >> an antiwar group called stop the machine has joined the protest in washington, as well. one of the protestors was arrested outside the white house yesterday. the man is accused of throwing a shoe at a uniformed secret service officer. he is being charged with assault of an officer. >>> al sharpton plans to broadcast his nationally syndicated rad
to the united states. authorities say the two planned to use explosives to kill the ambassador at a busy restaurant in d.c. and they say iran was behind that plot. >> the united states is committed to holding iran accountable for its actions. >> manssor arbabsiar was arrested at jfk airport in new york two weeks ago. he was in court yesterday accused of hiring a hit man that he thought was part of a mexican drug cartel but was actually a dea inform afternoon. the other suspect is still at large in iran. >>> funerals today for two men killed in the shooting at the cupertino cement plant. family and friends of 48-year- old manuel pinon held a rosary in san jose last night. 51-year-old john vallejos was also remembered last night with a visitation in san jose. pinon's brother says the toughest part is not having closure. >> not being able to say good- bye to our brother, yeah, it hurts. it hurts. so we have to move on and thanks for everybody's support. we appreciate that. >> pinon was at an early- morning meeting last wednesday when 47-year-old shareef allman opened fire. three people were
rose sharply today on word of a plan to prop up the struggling banks. u.s. stocks roaring back from a big sell-off with a nice rally yesterday. the dow erased a 250-point plunge to start. they closed up 153. nasdaq wiped out an early loss to fish 69 points higher so good day. >>> one stock that lost some ground, believe it or not, apple! some investors were expecting more from the company's new iphone. the new ceo tim cook unveiled the 4s yesterday. it was not the 5, not the anticipated iphone 5. apple says the newest version is faster and thinner and has a new camera and voice command like no other. it goes on sale friday october 14. it has a lot of great features but i think they wanted a little bit more. >> yeah. we'll have to see. >> who knows. >>> the nba needs a break through. the last hope to save the season. >> and a fiery crash on the racetrack is all caught on tape. how a rival racer came to the rescue with only seconds it spare. >>> and a local pooch with a famous look-alike. how his familiar face is earning him national attention. >>> storm clouds continue to make their
a great driver but a great human being. and i just can't believe that he no longer with us. >> wheldon's number 77 was put at the top of the winner's pole at the infield and the rest of the race was canceled. i'm greg black reporting. >>> well, it was a solemn yet exciting sunday for your oakland raiders and the fans. >> the team won its first home game. since the death of long-time owner al davis. >> the champion head coach john madden, lighting the torch. in a poignant tribute to al davis. >> davis was honored during a special half time ceremony. and fans started arriving in oakland as early as friday. many war memorial t-shirts and found other ways to pay tribute to davis. >> from here till now, big al reigns. al davis in the house. >> he is the man. yeah. he is the man. >> him leaving is just like a relative dying. an era. >> and many wonder about the raiders future in oakland, with davis now gone. there is some speculation about a possible move back to los angeles. or sharing the future santa clara stadium with the 49ers. oakland beat the cleveland browns yesterday 24-17. >>> well
of kids are from california and are really used to earthquakes. >> there were some minor delays on bart because they had to inspect the tracks. as for the earthquake preparedness drill yesterday, there were about 8.5 million people signed up for the great california shake-out. it prompted fema to call it the largest earthquake drill ever. can't believe the time. >>> when you feel the earth move and you are not near a tv go to your computer or phone at we have our seismometer on the site 24/7 to find out where it was at >>> it is a time of celebration in libya, a nation looking forward to change, this after the death of ousted dictator muammar qaddafi. today nato officials will meet to decide they would end its military operation that's been helping the libyan rebels. tara mergener has more reaction to the dramatic events there. >> reporter: outside the white house, dozens of libyan americans celebrated the death of muammar qaddafi into the night. [ screaming ] >> reporter: erupting into chants and waving american and libyan flags young and old alike marked a turn
are going to do the cable cars, ghirardelli. you have to join us. i said, we have to get lawrence karnow to first, the weather. >> it was the worst day ever. >> i say go to the wharf for the clam chowder in one of those big bread bowls. >> stay inside. >> it was gloomy around the bay area. similar today, clouds, drizzle, roads, very slick so be careful out the door but watch what happens on the satellite image of the clouds fade away as the system weakens as high pressure builds into the bay area. i think that's a very promising sign for our weather ahead today. looks like more sunshine in the afternoon. right now temperatures very mild outside. 64 degrees in san jose. 61 for the fog and drizzle into san francisco. very cloudy and very wet in pacifica. this afternoon sunshine, mid- 70s into san jose. 70s into livermore and concord. about 68 degrees in san francisco. weather should be much improved for today. let's check the roads now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. as you mentioned it is still slick across the bay area. live look at conditions across the golden gate bridge. first
cleaner showed up, washed the blood off the sidewalk and removed medical gloves and gauze that was used to treat the victim. this is the latest of a string of homicides here in san jose. the last one was sunday before noon at an apartment complex on the 400 block of worcester avenue. a suspicious man appeared armed. an officer shot and killed the man. that was the sixth officer- involved shooting this years the third fatal one. that doesn't count as a homicide. it's an officer-involved shooting but it was the third fatal one this year. this monday night's homicide was the 38th this year in san jose, almost double the 2010 total of homicides. last year the count was 20 homicides. this morning at 11:00, sjpd will be holding a press conference to address this recent spike of i guess crime, deadly crime in the city as well as the officer-involved shooting. so we'll learn more then. back to you. >> thank you, stephanie, live in san jose. >>> csi technicians are scrambling to find evidence connected to the gunman who killed a man at a san jose funeral. they have been searching oak hill memori
. >> yes, how about that, folks? showers developing just to the north of us right now. it won't be long and likely going to begin to pick up a couple of scattered showers in parts of the north bay. this is a slow-moving system and it may take a better part of the day for the system to drag down into the rest of the bay area but you get the idea and you can see the rainfall, it is headed up into far northern california and it won't be long and yes the storm door is opening up. the showers are on the way. so plan for that. if you're headed around the bay area for today. this is what or future cast is expecting, with the storm system that starts to slide on through and really just kind of a slow mover here and finally toward the middle of the day, you start to see the rain and the but can of the rain toward the afternoon. a few lingering showers rotating on through. as we head throughout the night tonight and it looks like we will catch a brief break but there is another storm that is likely to move in after that, late tuesday night into wednesday and it could be stronger when sliding into
] >> october 25th. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it's like a flower pattern. we have these beautiful colors surrounding the black. >> perfect. >> like spring. >>> we have a healthy marine layer keeping things cool keeping temperatures cool much like yesterday a little below average for this time of the year anywhere from the 60s to mid-70s. but some big changes this evening. a little fire weather we have to talk about coming up. >>> at the oracle in oakland you will find roadwork. caltrans busy this morning between fruitvale and 980. we'll have a full traffic report in a bit. >> thank you. >>> the occupation may be over this morning. >> right now police are moving in against protestors in oakland and kristy seifkin is at frank ogawa plaza where police are now surrounding the camp. >> reporter: this is a strong police presence here this night and this morning and protestors are bracing themselves to confront them head on. if you look over my shoulders, you see protestors have set up dumpsters, wood and crates to block the police when they move into the camp. t
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